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A Little about me...

My name is Stephen Love and as of 2022, I'm currently 50 years old.  Now, most people wouldn't spend the time to make a website about themselves, but I'm not like most individuals.  You see, I was born disabled with a number of problems that have left me pretty much like a big kid.  I still live with my parents who have been extremely good to me over the years including fulfilling one of my life long dreams of owning my very own Herbie The Love Bug.  Now not everyone knows what or who Herbie is, but Walt Disney came up with the concept of a car with personality who could basically do, well, almost anything he set his mind to.  There were 5 full length movies made along with a stand alone TV movie and 5 TV episodes. 

My father was an aerospace engineer who was forced into early retirement at the early age of 43.  This caused a lot of changes in our lives and living arrangements, but in 1997 he and mom set out to find a car that they could turn into a Herbie just for me.  Herbie was a 1963 VW Sedan with a rag-top which was becoming very difficult to find, but they did find a 1965 VW sunroof car that they believed would meet the need.  The rest is history.

I've lived a very full life and this website will give you a little better idea of who I really am.

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Meet Herbie...

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An early picture of me with Herbie and his friends, Bo, Daisy and Duke. And yes, my mom and dad have written an autobiography for me as well, but well, there is simply too much personal information in it for all you spammers out there.  Herbie is fully automated and runs off an on-board computer as well as being controlled remotely when necessary.  Bo, Daisy and Duke were created by my mom and dad and likewise are animated. They have put on live performances all along the East Coast as well as being seen on videos around the world.   Much more about Herbie later on this site...

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